Todd Hardwick

South Florida Wildlife Trapper

Pesky Critters

Todds Resources

  • Florida Fish and Wildlife - Nusiance Wildlife Program
    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission operates the Nusiance Wildlife Program in the State of Florida. The program is in place to remove nusiance wildlife from human populated areas, while protecting Florida's native wildlife.
  • ASPCA Miami-Dade County
    The ASPCA is a nationwide effort to stop abuse against animals. Miami-Dade is one of the newest partner communities for the ASPCA and has made some great strides in animal activism in the last few years.
  • Dade County Animal Services
    Each year, Miami-Dade Animal Services receives over 30,000 pets. The goal is to increase pet adoptions, community awareness and involvement with the shelter.
  • This is the dog! Pet Adoptions
    A not-for-profit organization out of Homestead that rescues and adopts house pets from Dade County Animal Services.
  • Broward County Animal Services
    The mission of Broward Animal Care and Adoption is to provide shelter for lost and surrendered animals and promote successful adoptions that enhance the lives of companion animals and their humans.
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Over the years, Todd has developed many contacts through out SoFL. Heres a few to show!